Registered Massage Therapy

Are you feeling stressed and want a personalized massage from a registered therapist who helps you destress and relieves your pain?

With the new world we are living in, it is hard not to feel the weight of everything and everyone on your shoulders. Working/teaching from home without having the proper ergonomic set up, not able to maintain a routine and not getting adequate physical activity is also causing widespread health problems - we are here for you! 


It's vital, now more than ever, for you to choose some wellness and self care and get treatment that can help you feel and function at an optimal level. 


What kind of massage does Lindsey offer? She listens to you and offers you exactly what your body needs! After 16 years of being a strength coach and personal trainer, Lindsey understands how the body works, and how it heals.   She is using her knowledge to focus on helping individuals and athletes with performance and accelerated healing through a therapeutic approach to massage. 


Lindsey will be working Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at ForeverYoung in Shannonville book your appointment online with her or give us a call.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Pricing (includes HST where applicable)

30min Massage Therapy Service $65.00

30min Massage Therapy Service Band Member $60.00

45min Massage Therapy Service $85.00

45min Massage Therapy Service Band Member $75.00

60min Massage Therapy Service $100.00

60min Massage Therapy Service Band Member $90.00

90min Massage Therapy Service $140.00

90min Massage Therapy Service Band Member $125.00

120min Massage Therapy Service $200.00

120min Massage Therapy Service Band Member $180.00


*If you need to cancel cancellation fees will apply