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As many of you know we see a lot of little ones in our office. When it comes to the little ones is it not always about a big trauma like a fall or accident, sometimes it seems less obvious as to why they are in our clinic. We attended Dr. Jenna Davis's conference on the weekend on oral function in kids and adults. We started to talk about things we commonly see. We have statements we listen for that send up red flags too. These red flags let us know that the little ones that came in just for a wellness check may also have high tone or tension in the body that needs to be released. Some of these red flag statements can seem common but are not normal to growth and development of little ones. So here is a list of some of the statements we hear during initial wellness checks that help us determine how the little ones are developing.

"My baby is SO strong! They can hold their head since they where a baby."

"My baby hates tummy time."

"My baby loves to look out away from me so they can see everything."

"My baby has hiccups all the time."

"My baby arches and pulls away from the bottle or breast."

"My baby's eyes are so big."

"My baby hates to snuggle."

"My baby never cries for fusses."

"My baby easily startles and wakes themselves up."

"My baby cannot poop."

"My baby doesn't cross crawl."

"My baby is so strong and wants to stand all the time."

"My baby keeps gagging."

"My baby does not want to open their mouth very wide."

"My baby prefers turning their head one way."

These are some of the most common statements shared by parents that wave the red flags to the idea of high tone or tension in little ones. Not being able to do tummy time can be dural tension. Standing all the time could be a reflex that has not been inhibited. And well, not being able to poop daily; that's just not normal. How would you feel if you only pooped every three days or more? Not good! The longer tension stays in little ones the harder the compensation patterns become to unwind.

The great news is, little ones respond really well and typically quickly to body work. The chiropractic care is so safe and gentle, most parents or caregivers don't even feel like we are doing anything. Except when they start to see the positive changes. So if you have used these statements or know a friend or family member who has; it might be time to have the little one checked by a chiropractor with a special interest in paediatrics. That would be us:)


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