Practitioner Opportunities

Our Purpose at ForeverYoung is to Empower Families Wholeheartedly.  We know we are only one spoke of the wheel that should comprise your health team.  

We’re regularly searching for health professionals who round out our services and support our team effort. All of our practitioners are sole proprietors who have substantial flexibility in the management of their health practice. This unique structure supports true collaboration by acknowledging the specialized nature of each modality and their corresponding unique growth and practice requirements.


Some of the advantages associated with locating your health practice to one of our clinics include:


o   A specialized support system for business development, and acquisition and maintenance of new patient relationships;

o  Access to our workshop space which currently runs regular meditation courses, prenatal education and health-specific education classes;

o  Access to established marketing platforms (e.g. high-traffic website, newsletter, social media), that facilitate effective communication of our message to the public;

o Reduced business costs

o Free parking for clients, and is easily accessed by public transit.


If interested in joining our community, please contact Dr. Rebecca Huddleston our Clinic Director at