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Prenatal Care

Welcome to prenatal chiropractic care.  It can help remove nerve irritation caused by the soft tissue and structural changes during pregnancy. Gentle chiropractic adjustments help restore pelvic alignment, relax tight muscles, ease any pain or discomfort, and allow more room for your baby to grow and descend when it's time to come home.  We also teach you ways you can feel good at home, work and in life. That’s why our chiropractic care is always catered to your unique situation, no matter how many weeks pregnant.  

(However, the sooner you start the quicker the rewards.)

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The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis followed by a gentle adjustment and some soft tissue therapy to help balance mom’s pelvis, thereby reducing stress in her uterus from supporting joints, muscles and ligaments. This balanced state not only makes mom more comfortable, but it also allows the baby to have more room to move around and eventually engage into the birth canal more comfortably when ready.  


Although this is not a technique for breech babies, it does have a clinical success rate of 82%, allowing babies who were breech to turn into a head down position. 

Prenatal chiropractic care is provided on a specialized table that allows mommas to safely and comfortably receive care while lying on their bellies – what a treat!

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