Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get adjusted on my first visit?

Typically no.  Your first visit gives us an opportunity to hear your story of why you are here.  Then we will offer you a full and complete health history, neurological and physical exam.  You may also be sent for x-rays so we may structurally see what we are dealing with.   There is an exception here for pregnant people and children as x-rays may not be warranted at this time.  In some cases you may be adjusted on the first visit.


How long is an initial exam?

Our initial exams may be anywhere between 45-60 minutes, this allows for our doctors to complete an in-depth health history on you.


What does the initial exam fee cover if I'm not getting adjusted?

The initial exam fee covers the health history, complete exam, x-rays if warranted and the follow up report of findings appointment.

Do I have to get x-rays?/Why do you ask for x-rays?

Our mothers did not bless us with x-ray vision so you may be asked to have x-rays taken.  This valuable information can show us what is going on underneath the surface, as traumas, repetitive motion and injuries can build up and not be actively felt. With current technology, the risk of radiation from a single set of spinal x-rays is extremely low.

Are x-rays covered under OHIP?

Yes, we refer all of our x-rays to Kingston Imaging Services where your x-rays will be covered under OHIP. If you go to another clinic that we did not write a requisition for, you may then be charged a fee for your x-rays.


Do you do direct billing?

No.  However, we will print or email you a receipt that you can directly send to your insurance provider for reimbursement.  

How many visits will I need?

Every body is unique, which means, your chiropractic care will be unique to you! Once our doctors complete their initial evaluation, they will put together a care plan that will best suit your goals and needs.

If I start chiropractic care will I have to come forever?

We can't get rid of you!  Once you realize how well and mobile you feel, you choose to stay under care.  

Are adjustments the same for me and my child?

No.  Although they share the same goal the delivery of the adjustment is based on each individual.

Do adjustments hurt?

No, they are very gentle.  

Will I be sore after my adjustment?

Typically no.  However, occasionally after the first couple adjustments help to change the current pattern you are stuck in you may notice the muscle and ligament changes as your posture changes creating some mild discomfort.  This is why we recommend icing certain areas after your first few adjustments.