The Definition of Health

February 4, 2018


There are 4 very basic principles that your health is based on:


Your body is a self-healing organism. Think about it- if you get a cut your body knows to   clot the blood at the site, and then over time your body repairs the skin, often without even a scar. All of the systems in your body regulate mainly on their own- you get new liver cells every 24 days. You get new red blood cells every 4 months. You get a new stomach lining every 5 days. You get new taste buds every 11 days. Your body knows to make your heart beat and your lungs know to breathe without having to think about it. Our bodies are in a constant state of change, following a very specific program.



The nervous system is the thing that runs that program. Think of it like a computer’s central command center that runs all of the processes in your body. As long as the brain can send messages to communicate with every muscle, organ, tissue and cell in your body, the system runs perfectly well and you are in good health. This is what NORMAL looks like. 



If there is something that interferes with the functioning of our nervous system and the messages of change, repair and healing are not sent or received, your body will not be able to do what it is designed to do, and it will do its own thing, producing the multitude of symptoms that we see in the office every day- sleep issues, digestive issues, pain conditions, asthma, dizziness, numbness and tingling, IBS/Crohn’s, headaches, bladder dysfunction- you get the picture?



Therefore, our job as chiropractors is to check the overall function of the nervous system and restore normal spinal alignment and normal neurological function so that your body has the ability to run all of its programs at the highest level. 



How is your body functioning? Schedule a check-up today to find out for sure!


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