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About Us

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People come in for different reasons with different goals.  We are here to offer help based on your health history, the current patterns you may be stuck in, and the health goals you have chosen.  

We believe chiropractic care to be simple.  We locate and remove neurological stress placed on the body through chiropractic adjustments so the body can heal  itself.  How simple is that?  

Let your journey to optimal health start today.




STEP 1 :

Initial Visit

You talk, we listen. We get to know your health history and what brought you in to see us.  Then we provide a comprehensive spinal and neurological exam.  

*We may send you for x-rays, if warranted.

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STEP 2 :

Report of Findings

Your report of findings.  We go over your exam findings, what we looked at, what we found and our best recommendations so you can make an informed choice regarding your care.  You receive your first adjustment.  

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STEP 3 :

Your Care

You begin your wellness journey with an individualized plan based on your goals and exam findings.  Progress exams and exercises are provided as you improve to help optimize your wellbeing.

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