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Adult Care

We know life happens!  We know most have a tendency to try and "walk it off" or believe "it will go away!"  We know these actions and attitudes have a way to jump up and bite us in the butt, sometimes literally.  We know work and recreational activities can create poor body mechanics and or poor health habits.  We know eventually these poor patterns catch up to us if not addressed.


The great news is those patterns can change; we've got your back!  Let us help you create a more positive pattern through adjusting, teaching you supportive exercises, supplement support, and recommending aids to daily living when needed. We take the time to listen and we ask relevant questions. Then, we do a complete and thorough neurological and physical exam. We gather all the information and then we sit down and go over what we looked at, what we found and our best recommendations for your unique needs.

No matter how "old" or "worn out" you may feel there is HOPE for you.  Let us help unleash your health potential.  



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