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Infant Care

Being born is a big job. That passage through moms pelvis can be long and tumultuous or super fast. Being born with a  belly birth ( C-section ) has additional significant stresses.

Outside of infant wellness checks, the most common pediatric concerns we see in our office revolve around feeding habits; like inability to latch or feed, poor digestion, delayed or struggles pooping,  sleep disturbance, unsettled crying and neck tilts. Our infant exam checks over 50 different things, from primitive and accessory reflexes, muscle tone, body position, vitals, latch, subluxations and so much more.  It allows us to detect any negative stresses on your infant so we may then create a plan of care to remove that stress.

Infant care is so gentle it is hard to believe we are doing anything.  However it is a huge stimulus to their nervous system that allows their bodies to accelerate healing from within. The most common side effects to infant care is a long nap, a massive poop, better feeding and more snuggling.  

Don't let the stress of babies arrival diminish the joy and excitement of becoming a parent.  Let chiropractic care ease the stress and improve babies health and wellbeing.

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